Iuna Tinta

Swiss artist Iuna Tinta, aka Cori, believes in maximizing life experiences and taking inspiration from new surroundings. Her approach to life is reflected in her visual style which we believe reflects Brazilian Jiu-jitsu culture. We worked closely with her to create the artwork of The Triangle kimono.

Iuna: "I was working on a pattern based on a move called Triangulo. In this illustration the triangle itself demonstrates the strength but also the precision of the move itself, while the water-like lines indicate it's swiftness and flow.

Growing up in Switzerland strongly linked me to the outdoors from a very early age. There is a feeling of being connected to earth when you’re out in nature, that keeps you grounded – It feels like being home. My mom always told me that after I’ve started drawing as a little girl I just never really stopped – until today. Art is not just something I do, it’s who I am in terms of expressing myself as an individual being. After I graduated in Graphic Design I started to travel. I have always been very interested and attracted by the unknown. It’s not just the experience of being away that keeps you growing, but also the possibility to see your home from another perspective. My work is filled with the different places, cultures and people I got to know during the years abroad, and I am genuinely grateful for this life."

Henri Lindroos

Jiu-jitsu invites creativity. Our friend Henri embraces and shares his vision for new ways to train and improve every aspect of his game. With concepts like his insightful blog - lovers of learning-, he innovates within our sport and martial art.

Based in Helsinki, Finland and currently a purple belt, Henri's mindset is validated as he has won the Finnish Nationals Championship, Swedish Open Championship, Finnish Open Championshop, Multiple Nordic Open Championships, and Silver in the European Open Champion. Naturally, we had to collaborate with him about our vision.

Henri: "I am a lover of jiu jitsu and learning in general. I compete and teach jiu jitsu currently out of my hometown of Helsinki, Finland. For me the excitment comes equally from learning new techniques from analysing competition footage, learning new concepts by reflecting back on my hard rolls as well as light positional training, hanging out with my jiu jitsu friends outside the mats, grilling chicken hearts and whatever, as well as from sharing challenging experiences with an international network of pajamas ninjas by doing competitions from Nordic tournaments to Europeans and the Worlds. I am very happy to be representing the young journey of Paintbrush Athletic Apparrel and looking good on the mats rocking the new Triangle kimono, like an Artist. Oss!"

Roll Creative

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