The Details Matter

Paintbrush Athletic Apparel crafts limited-edition BJJ  competition kimonos with the attention to detail and premium quality you’ve always wanted. Modestly show your toughness, style and respect for tradition with our top-of-the-line products. 


It's Not Just About What, It's About Who

Paintbrush Athletic Apparel connects inspirational athletes and artists to a wider base. By understanding their vision and approach, you’ll grow as a competitor, student, teacher and person. Each of our carefully-designed kimonos features artwork from artists that share our philosophy.


It's About the Team

Time on the mat would be insignificant without training partners and teammates. With our Open Mat Sessions, tournaments and other events, we aim to build a stronger community by connecting athletes. Currently, our focus is on our home of Bavaria, but stay in touch with us as we plan to branch our events into other countries and connect fighters on an international level.


Teamwork Matters Off the Mat Too

A respect for your teammates shouldn’t be confined to the mat. To ensure our team is treated with respect and dignity, we set up our own supply chain to guarantee our tailors in Pakistan earn fair wages and are provided with safe and healthy working conditions. We believe a higher quality life leads to high-caliber products, and in turn high-caliber Jiu-jitsu.